About Me

I graduated from Georgia Tech in December 2016 with Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. My undergraduate research experience encompassed from biolocomotion to precision manufacturing.  I have also interned at Bosch Rexroth as a mechanical engineering intern for CNC fixture design. Throughout the course of 3.5 years at Georgia Tech, I developed great interests in  dynamic system and control, specially the application in manufacturing and biomedical field. Therefore, I decided to pursue graduate study in order to dive deep into the subject.

While waiting to hear back from graduate schools, I am currently working as a mechanical engineering intern at Cantel Medical Corp., developing sensors that measure clinical equipment asepsis.

Outside of work and academics, I enjoy personal projects that make my life just a bit easier and more fun. I have a passion for makerspace and STEM education for underrepresented/underprivileged social groups and have devoted a big chunk of my undergraduate life to these causes with volunteering work. I enjoy reading non-fictions because almost every new book I encountered allowed me to have a sneak peak into a new discipline/subject I have never known.

P.S. Running is life. Also, I can always eat a whole carrot cake by myself.

Contact Me 

Jing Yu Resume                                     Email: jeanyu95@gmail.com                                                                Phone: 610-507-2940