Research @ Precision Machining Research Consortium (PMRC)

My main project at PMRC under Dr. Thomas Kurfess is reverse engineering with CT Scanner. I was offered President’s Undergraduate Research Award in Summer 2016 for this project.┬áHere is a short video introducing this project:


Great effort has been put into simplifying model reconstruction and tool path planning for machining in traditional reverse engineering with laser scanning. This projecy proposes an alternative to reverse engineering using computed tomography (CT) scanning and voxel models. The new approach eliminates common issues faced in traditional reverse engineering, such as the need for parametric surface reconstruction in order to create toolpaths for a computer numerical control (CNC) machine tool. Successful duplication of a machined part with this new method demonstrates great potential for voxel
models generated from CT data in reverse engineering applications. The process follows as below:


As a publication about this project was currently review, I am not able to provide more detail. However, the end result of the research is shown here:

On the left is the original pawn with G code generated from CAM software and the right side is the duplication of the piece on the left from CT data and voxel model.